Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I know Cosmo can be fun to read but...

here's a great alternative. The Women's Center has a regular subscription to this (and other fabulous) magazine, and its definitely worth checking out, and supporting!!

Bitch magazine's Winter 2006/2007 issue is chock full of interesting stuff. Here are some quotes and trivia that grabbed me.

An interview with Katha Pollitt, columnist for the Nation, writer, and activist bears (in part) the following introduction: "Pollitt's perspective is that feminism isn't a social movement that simply sits alongside other progressive causes, but one that informs and affects how those causes exist and evolve." Pollitt herself says of our forever lamented crisis of feminism's bad rep, "Lots of women don't [call themselves feminists]. They don't want to be taken for hairy-legged, man-hating, strident lesbians. Well, good luck to them, but eventually some of them are going to want something-- a raise, an abortion, a fair deal in divorce court, respect-- that a strong feminist movement might help them get."

Another great tidbit is the article about Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell on Banks' talk show. Banks chose to heal an intense old rivalry-- "Tyra could easily have made Naomi the sole villain. Instead, she chose to focus on systemic racism in the modeling industry."

The rest of the great stuff ranges from an echo of Bob Herbert's (see below) great article about hate crimes against women to an article about feminist vegetarianism to one about knitting.

So, in the end, this is just a shameless plug for a magazine that's long been a personal favorite. I just picked up the new issue and knew you should all see it too. So ask to borrow a copy, stop by the women's center, or check out

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