Friday, November 10, 2006


Female Soldiers

Does seeking equality mean that if we ever have a draft, women should be conscripted alongside men? Currently, there are 362,000 women in the U.S. armed forces (15% of our active duty force and almost 25% of reserves). Women are allowed to serve in almost all roles of the armed forces, with the exception of submarines; additionally, they are kept from serving in units that have an especially high likelihood of direct contact (on the ground weaponfire, etc.) with an enemy. More generally, they can serve in about 95% of all military positions and have achieve a relatively large proportion of high level military offices.
There are so many contexts in which to consider the question of female soldiers: historical, cultural, practical...In the most practical sense, the fact that we need women to reproduce our population could be an argument for not conscripting women. Beyond that, what can you say?
In Israel, women are conscripted to the military alongside men, although restrictions similar to the U.S. apply there as well (no submarines, combat is voluntary).

Source: Women in the military — international



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The extension of the draft to women is the ONE right I do not mind having. I also believe that women would be less effective in combat because they tend to have less physical strength etc. than men.

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