Wednesday, March 15, 2006


check out this link

hi people,
someone gave me this link, it's a site by a woman who's into punk & other kind of feminist music. Feminist music! I love it.
check it out!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Women's Week

It is great as Jewish Women's Collective to finally be a part of GADFLIES!
Well, I will start out by starting a discussion about women's Week!
This year women's week has/had some pretty high profile speakers, unfortunately however--some low attendance. Even with all of the work that the women's Week Planning committee put into the events, why do Women at Tufts seem to shy away at some opportunities to present their unity?
Hopefully the negotiation panel on Tuesday night at 7:30 in Cabot will make up for it!
Everyone can benefit from this great panel of Tufts Alumnae in really awesome positions!
Come to the reception afterwards---food lovingly donated by Danish Pastry House--!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Body and Sold

Tonight we had a great discussion about Deborah Lake Fortson's play "Body and Sold" which was performed by the Tempest Theater Company. Special thanks to the Tufts University Women's Center for getting it all together.

The play is meant to spread awareness and outrage about sex trafficking and its consequences through a series of intermeshed stories about youths who had fallen prey to sexual exploitation. The play made it clear that there is abuse, drug addiction, poverty, exploitation and violence running rampant on our streets and that many people are vulnerable while victims are afraid to talk. One of the lines in the play mentioned that they were “shell shocked” from a war that no one knows about. The play was quite intense for the audience, prompting interesting discussion afterwards.

Some of the things that were mentioned:

Could regulation or decriminalization of sex trafficking curb the violence and drug addictions?

How familiar are Tufts Students with the circumstances that led to sex trafficking in the play? Are there victims of abuse related to sex trafficking at Tufts?

What are the signs that a pimp may be trying to take advantage of you?

What is consent?