Friday, November 17, 2006


gGood news & bad news (from france)

Hello TFA,
This is Melanie, TFA's biggest groupie, and I've snuck into the blog from Palaiseau, France to give you some good news and some bad news:
Bad news first. Check out this Washington Post article with terrifying news that you all might know about already:

Now for some good news from France, where one of the biggest runners for the 2007 Presidential election is...a woman! But it gets better: she is also a feminist, and yes, she actually uses the f-word. She's the candidate for the PS (Socialiast Party, which translates roughly to the Democrats...don't be scared by the term Socialist), and her name is S├ęgoline Royal.
Ms. Magazine is doing a piece on her one of these days, so keep your eyes peeled.
So, there you go. Hope all is well, TFAers, keep up the good work!


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