Tuesday, May 02, 2006


A Quick bit of Good News

Forgot to mention yesterday: The Supreme court rejected a case from anti-abortion extremists who appealed after a Portland, Oregon jury awarded doctors punitive damages.


Anonymous cnu+ warrior said...

Hey TFA there is scurvy behavior a foot in D.C., a bill (s. 1955) is on the chopping block for the senate and it threatens to eliminate insurance coverage of preliminary cancer screenings. Namely mammograms, colonoscopies, and prostate checks. This is absurd, prevention and early detection is one of the most effective weapons we have to combat cancer and save lives. Please follow this link and tell you're senator that it is ridiculous to make this vital prevention tool out of reach financially for millions of women and for that matter millions men. Prostate exams are on the line as well, breast cancer and prostate cancer are some of the most dangerous and most prevelant forms of cancer in this country. This bill is a detriment to the fight against cancer and plays down the importance of early detection. Not only would this effect coverage of mammograms but coverage of pap smears would be effected as well. These are two tests every women needs every year, to argue that these tests shouldn't be covered undermines the importance of womens health care. Please check out the ACS's website about this issue and make you're senator aware that you do not agree with this legislation. The website is:

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