Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Gadflies Unite!

Tufts Feminist Alliance hopes to serve as an umbrella network for all Tufts student groups devoted to equality between men and women and the exploration of gender identity. The project is named GADFLIES for Gender Awareness Discourse For Living In Equal Societies. Any campus organization that would like to be represented is welcome to apply for a membership to this web log. The group will get their own username so their representatives can post blog entries. Your group may inquire about membership by emailing TFA. We welcome a diversity of perspectives and ideas.

At today’s meeting we will be discussing the legacy of Betty Friedan and our upcoming campus projects and discussion topics. We will be baking vagina cookies for people to decorate at our Vulvapalooza booth for V-Day, as well as creating a poster to raise awareness about “Laws that Affect your Vagina.” Please keep checking back as new members are added and we post reactions to tomorrows’ discussion.


Blogger Niki Johnson said...

Here's the LJ community i mentioned whilst signing up:http://community.livejournal.com/feminist/

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