Monday, March 13, 2006


Women's Week

It is great as Jewish Women's Collective to finally be a part of GADFLIES!
Well, I will start out by starting a discussion about women's Week!
This year women's week has/had some pretty high profile speakers, unfortunately however--some low attendance. Even with all of the work that the women's Week Planning committee put into the events, why do Women at Tufts seem to shy away at some opportunities to present their unity?
Hopefully the negotiation panel on Tuesday night at 7:30 in Cabot will make up for it!
Everyone can benefit from this great panel of Tufts Alumnae in really awesome positions!
Come to the reception afterwards---food lovingly donated by Danish Pastry House--!


Anonymous Anna said...

I was absolutely struck by the blatant “femininity” of the whole Enlightened Power event. The way each woman talked about her leadership style really emphasized non-masculine traits. It seems to me, that embracing what makes one different as a woman is not necessarily a disadvantage unless the people you are doing business with is sexist and cannot appreciate diverse qualities.

I was speaking with some conservatives last night about this, and they, expectedly, laughed at this notion. Essentially their position was that the “male dominated” industries value male traits of doing business, because that is what just works better. What do you think? Is our society not receptive to feminine leadership styles, or do they just not work as well?

An example of the obvious difference is to look at the way the whole Enlightened Power even was set up. The women all had tall chairs, they were sitting at a glass table with flowers on it, and the whole thing was very tender and conversational. I don’t know if that is because this was a Fletcher event, but don’t you think it had a different effect than panelists at a white clothed table with name placards? I think our picture of what is the professional “way to do things” is a bit too standard and masculine and exploring these more feminine way to run such an activity really brings out the possibilities.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was one of those conservatives, and I'll say again what I said to Anna: it's all well and good for women to have their own feminine business meetings, but they can expect no concessions from men; why should we experiment when what we have has worked so well? In the end, gains speak, which is why society is NOT receptive to female leadership styles. Too risky.


9:07 PM  

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